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Are you stuck in a rut at your job?

Many corporate employees hear the call of entrepreneurialism, but they feel like they cannot answer the call because they:

Don’t know
where to start

Don’t want to
take the risk

Can’t come up
with a good idea

Keep getting
discouraged by others

For corporate employees who want to stop working for the boss so they can be the boss, Getting Unstuck: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur provides an inspiring and logical process to becoming an entrepreneur and running a successful business.

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Getting Unstuck Covers:

Having the mindset to
become an entrepreneur

Coming up with
business ideas

those ideas

Picking the best
idea for you


Dealing with
negative feedback

a budget

cash flow




There’s no hand holding here. Getting Unstuck inspires you and gives you enough confidence and guidance to take not only the first step toward entrepreneurialism, but enough steps that you can find your footing and become successful.


Inside Getting Unstuck you will find all the information you need to get motivated and get out of your rut. See here, chapter by chapter, what you will learn from Getting Unstuck: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur.

Chapter 1: How do we do this?

Get motivated to start your own business and get introduced to Serhat and see how he did it. See how Getting Unstuck will guide you as you learn to start your own business and make it a reality

Chapter 2: What is My Picture of Success?

Learn about the different types of companies you can start and choose the right type of company for you depending on what you want to achieve with it.

Chapter 3: Elements of a Successful Business

Learn about the elements that make a business successful and how one of the most well-known businesses in the world put all of these together to become a global brand.

Chapter 4: Coming Up With Great Ideas

Find out how to get inspired to come up with a list of great business ideas to choose from.

Chapter 5: You’ve Got Some Ideas - Now What?

Vet your ideas and pick the best one to go with. Use the helpful activities to steer your decision so you can pick the idea that will give you the best possible chance at success.

Chapter 6: I Just Chose the Idea. Where do I Start?

Get informed on how to conduct a feasibility analysis, how to plan the launch of your business and how to garner feedback that will help you get unstuck.

Chapter 7: A Quick Note on Leadership

Do you have what it takes to be a good leader? Find out what you need to be an effective leader and find out what kind of leader you are.

See if it would be a good idea for you to have a partner and the pros and cons of partnering for business.

Chapter 8: Deciding on a Business Model

Decide what model you should use for your business and understand the pros and cons of using a novel business model versus using a traditional model.

Chapter 9: Creating a Plan for Your Business

Learn how to formulate a business plan that will work for your company, identify your driving component and find your critical service providers.

Chapter 10: The Money

See how you can start your company with the money you have, get educated about how to procure extra funding and learn how to take advantage of opportunities presented to you.

Chapter 11: Company Formation

See where you can can register your company, how to incorporate it, when to file trademarks, how to get your accounts in order, what makes a good website domain, how to manage your cash flow and how to take that first step toward success using resourcefulness, planning, scalability and other important elements.

Chapter 12: Running the Company

Master how to set and measure goals, deciding which numbers to watch to tell if your company is healthy and other things you need to keep on top of in your business.

Chapter 13: People, the Backbone of Your Company

Know how to develop a corporate culture, how to hire your first employee, how to fire an employee, how to develop people within your company and how to evaluate employees.

Chapter 14: Managing Change

Learn how to guide your company through change so it not only survives, but thrives. Get useful advice about how to be the best possible entrepreneur you can be.

About the Author

Serhat Pala has lived the American dream. Coming to the United States as an immigrant from Turkey, he has started numerous businesses. He practically willed his first business into existence with the help of a credit card, a lot of business savvy and his supportive and equally entrepreneurial wife.

Since launching that first business, he has started many others. Some of those, like Confirm BioSciences and TestCountry, are still running today. Others have sold for multi-million dollar profits. A few have even folded and now those experiences serve as learning opportunities that he uses to teach others. Above all else, Serhat loves to pass his knowledge and experience onto others so he can help them reach their entrepreneurial dreams.

Serhat lives in San Diego with his beautiful business and life partner, Zeynep Ilgaz, and his two boys Kenan and Arden.

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